DESTEK V5 110°FOV Eye Protected HD VR w Touch Button


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    Product Description

    Who from the exploring discovery and breakthrough

    DESTEK V5 promises to offer you:

    • 110-degree FOV with an internal structure and lens focal length designed
    • 94% light transmission, anti-reflective and anti-blue light-coated lenses
    • Breathable, comfortable face cushion for lightweight wear
    • Nose pad to keep light from interrupting your view
    • VR applications are featured in the user manual



    The V5 VR couldn’t offer you:

    The same experience of Oculus

    DESTEK V5 is a phone accessory serving your rudimentary VR journey.

    Oculus is well developed with advanced hardware and software and its own content ecosystem.


    The wide variety of phone screen sizes and different image display sizes of VR applications resulted in different maximum viewing contents.

    For extended users to get the maximum FOV, the V5 can only rely on the most used cell phone: the iPhone X to define the focal length and internal VR structure.

    To make other phones compatible with the DESTEK V5, you need to scan the QR code inside the V5 headset case to get the maximum FOV.

    Some VR apps are no longer updated to match new phones

    Oculus designed its own screen size,focal lens, structure to bring the best FOV, and VR games keep updating to be compatible with Oculus.

    Image quality

    Unlike Oculus’ built-in display, which offers 4K-8K resolution, standard smartphones only have a 2K or lower display. The image quality of mobile VR apps and the resolution of smartphones are different and give you a completely different experience.

    Not seeing the pixels

    What you see on your phone may be crystal clear, but once you place your phone in the headset, the lens will magnify the image to fill the FOV

    Improve the resolution of the cell phone and the resolution of the video to get a better image experience.

    VR game entertaining

    The VR mobile app industry is stagnant with a few relatively decent apps from the limited App Store or Google Play Store, while Oculus benefits from its huge investment in hardware.

    As a result, more reputable game companies are developing entertaining games with their powerful hardware and software.


    The V5 VR headset could not afford to develop real-time tracking touch hand controllers like Oculus, because we cannot afford the huge development costs, and mobile VR apps do not support such controllers either.

    We chose to follow the traditional route: head tracking by your phone’s built-in gyro sensor, a touch button to be registered as a click on your phone’s screen by conduction, and remote control with some games supported via Bluetooth.


    Using iPhone Xs Max, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12, or iPhone 12 Pro Max?

    We have an updated V5’s viewer profile QR code for these models.

    For more details, see our recommended VR apps page or check our message’s attachment.

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